My kingdom for a Sheffield stand!

Think of all the places where there are car parks in the city centre: at (or near) how many of them do you also see cycle parking? Cyclists don’t particularly want to walk further than car drivers when they’ve parked (in fact cyclists are probably less tolerant of walking, cos it’s so blumin’ slow!) and take up much less space. Many of the cycle parking spots in the city centre are now occupied a lot of the time, and there’s a dearth of convenient railings and lamp posts.

Cycling should also be recognised as part of an integrated travel network: so why no secure, covered cycle parking at the bus station?

The crucial one for me is the shopping. I don’t want to walk out of Coop, tesco, sainsburys, morrisons or even waitrose with my full panniers and then spend ten minutes walking to my bike while my arms are stretched a few inches. Many supermarkets are ok at this (for example Morrisons in Kirkstall has cycle parking outside; so does Morrisons in Rothwell). Some are dreadful. No dedicated cycle parking at Chapel Allerton Co-op? Join the Revolution indeed.

If the Council isn’t sure what adequate cycle parking looks like, they should try looking at the Leeds University campus. A combination of modern, covered cycle stands, some open Sheffield stands for visitors, and secure key-access cages for commuters, mostly covered by cctv and patrolled by security staff. And quite often, quite full of bicycles.

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